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Never forget, your darkest hour can't keep you from realizing the sun.

Realizing the Sun

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If you want to last out there in this world, you're going to need a sense of humor, an understanding of human nature, and a never-ending supply of realistic optimism. Mai is happy to show you how you can blaze your own trail while learning to enjoy the ride.


Life can be a miracle disguised as a tragedy.


I was born to a mechanic and a homemaker in the heart of the Midwest. When I was three years old my father had a tragic accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. He lost his memory and broke nearly every bone in his body. Our family lost everything: our income, our home, our social standing, and our community.


This was my first experience with the challenges that life can bring.


Because my father could no longer work, poverty became a way of life. The family moved around from community to community, often living in abandoned and run down homes. We survived by living off the land and social assistance. Sometimes, we didn’t even have running water.


But when life is rough you learn to hustle.


I learned the meaning of hard work and determination by watching my parents’ devotion to each other and to our family. It has served me well while dealing with homelessness, poverty, post traumatic stress disorder, illness, divorce, and blindness.


Yet life has offered me great joy and success.


I have studied at Drake University and the University of Minnesota; from Theater and English to Sociology and Communications. I have performed as an actress, worked in corporate America, ran a small business, and managed a nonprofit. For the last twenty years I have also studied mindfulness techniques and personal growth skills that have helped transform my life and heal my past.

It's amazing when all of the pieces come together. 


All of the skills I have gained and experiences I have had make me uniquely qualified to offer you support on your journey. I’m not saying I have all the answers, but I can keep you from having to reinvent the wheel. 


Currently, I reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota where I offer one-on-one coaching, workshops, and performances to bring life changing skills and inspiration to all who seek it. I am excited to share my gifts with you.